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Why Choose Us?


Awesome Service

Cathy's background in France was nursing and teaching, therefore you will get a genuine care for your travel project. Cathy & Team will be your best ally to make your journey a memorable one with full dedication.


Off the Beaten Track Tours

Cathy & Team design ultra-insider experiences for you to places we have extensively traveled and where we are confident to send our clients.



Gourmet voyage is happy to assist their clients during their travel, support them when needed and follow upon return. Gourmet Voyages supports local businesses and local travel professionals. We pair travelers with locals in each location, allowing you to get a genuine discovery of the culture and the place you visit.



Gourmet Voyages 's core values make our success:

  • Customer-focus with a serious vetting process to begin working on a client's project. We need to know everything about our clients to personalize their travel with care.

  • Teamwork: we don't believe in competition within a team. Collaborative synergy and support are prime

  • Innovation & creativity: we have a network of connections large enough to make anything you wish possible

  • Integrit and an indefectible enthusiasm<.


Gourmet Voyages is affiliated with Virtuoso, a leading luxury travel network comprised of elite travel specialists from all over the world. Virtuoso affiliated travel advisors have global connections with the best hotels, cruise lines, airlines and tour companies. This means access to exclusive travel offers that you can't get on your own, along with your best value for the money.

Our affiliation with Virtuoso doesn't just provide us with excellent resources and relationships to help compose unforgettable vacations it also gives you the opportunity to receive select benefits and amenities unique to Virtuoso guests. For example, those who book their cruise through our agency are entered in the Voyager Club, a program that offers a dedicated onboard host, a private welcome reception onboard, complimentary shore excursions and bonus shipboard credit. If you plan to stay at a Virtuoso property, you are also eligible to receive VIP luxuries such as complimentary upgrades and much, much more.