Terms & Conditions - Cancellation Policy

Planning Fees

Gourmet Voyages LLC reserves the right to charge a planning fee at the booking agent’s discretion. It is based on the itinerary number of days, the number of travelers, the complexity of the logistics, the client’s needs, and the destination. A typical fee structure looks as follows:
One week, fully serviced itinerary, reservations (accommodations, transfers, activities), simple logistics for 2: $350.00
The planning fees are non-refundable

Special Handling Fees

Bookings requested within 30 days of departure may incur special handling fees up to $500 per person. Complex trips or multiple trip requests may incur special handling fees up to $500 per person.
Handling Fees are non-refundable.

Ticketing Fees

International airfare: $75.00/ticket
Domestic airfare: $40.00/ticket
Train fare $40.00/ticket
Ticketing fees are non-refundable

Customized itineraries

Customized itineraries are built day by day and packaged.
The total amount of the package is included in Gourmet Voyages LLC contract between the AGENCY and the CLIENT
A deposit of 40% is due to confirm the package. The deposit is partially refundable minus an administration fee of $500.00 per person. The deposit is applied to the CLIENT’s final payment, which is due 45 days prior to the outbound travel date. The balance is non-refundable.
*The schedule of payment is provided to the CLIENT
Travel insurance is highly recommended.

Cancellation Policy

Customized itineraries

The cancellation of a customized itinerary must be received in writing. The Terms & Conditions provided with the contract between the AGENCY and the CLIENT can vary according to each itinerary specific included items, and will be reviewed with the CLIENT.

Vendors Cancellation policy

A customized itinerary will include accommodation reservations, activity reservations, transfer reservations, and any additional services provided by third party vendors. Gourmet Voyages LLC is not liable for the third-party cancellation policies. The cancellation policy of each vendor will apply, and will be provided as a cancellation policy itemization for each vendor where reservations are made on behalf of the CLIENT. Therefore, hotels, guest houses, house rentals, cruises, car rentals, guiding, transfers, and all the activities involved in the itinerary will not be included in Gourmet Voyages LLC cancellation policy.

Third -party vendors

The cancellation policy of each third-party vendor will apply.


Gourmet Voyages LLC does not work for any airline or train company nor is directly affiliated with any one airline or train company. Therefore, Gourmet Voyages LLC cannot be held liable for any changes or complications, or cancellations caused by an airline or a train company. It is the passenger’s responsibility to confirm that all airline and train reservations are correct and include the proper spelling of legal names at the time of confirmation. Gourmet Voyages LLC will provide the clients with each ticket (flight or train ticket) the exchange and the cancellation policy prior to issuing the ticket.

Pandemics and Government Actions

In the extreme case of a pandemic or government action that cancels, delays, or interrupts your travel, Gourmet Voyages LLC will act in compliance with all government regulations and will act according to supplier-imposed policy. We are not liable for any losses incurred during these situations, such as in the case of a refund not being issued by a supplier during extraordinary, unforeseen circumstances.

*Please note, traditional travel insurance policies do not cover pandemics or government actions, you must buy a “Cancel for Any Reason” add-on to be covered for these extreme events. .